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Use the Moni Poni ponytail holders to create these great styles!

There's a Moni Poni style for every one, whether it's classy, fun, elegant or sporty.
The Weave

Create a spunky or classy look with the Mini Moni Poni! Use these sweet spiral babies to pull small bits of hair back into an easy weave.  


Use classic colors to blend into your hair color for an elegant look, or choose a fun candy-colored mix to create an adorable style!

The Flip​​


Only the Moni Poni can gather hair into a ponytail into a secure hold that's FLAT against your head and doesn't stick out like a horse's ...  tail.


Use the elegant LINX to create this easy and unique flip style for the work day or for evening drama.

Be Creative!


Use the Moni Poni to create almost any kind of hairstyle!


Don't stop at just one - use a whole bunch to make a statement.


Take your Moni Poni to the beach or to the pool! It's waterproof and safe for wet hair, and best of all, you can just hook it onto your suit!


And for your little one, Moni Poni's are fun for dolls, too!

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the spiral ponytail holder

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